Fast, flexible electronic health records software, tailored for your organization.



Generate notes on a single screen that looks, acts and fee​ls like a real note document.



View all of a patient's documentation on a single screen, configured to display the information most pertinent to your practice.



See billing codes and full note documents in real time, and search by criteria to find documents in seconds.

About MedAffinity:

MedAffinity provides innovative, intuitive, and powerful electronic health records software for both clinical environments and educational institutions.

MedAffinity software is designed to make the documentation process feel as natural as possible, with an interface that looks, acts, and feels like a real document. But in the background, MedAffinity harnesses the full capability of data-driven computing to deliver powerful data capture and speed the documentation process.​ And because of its flexible interface, MedAffinity easily adapts to new documentation requirements without delays, costly upgrades, or additional custom configuration associated with common alternatives.

To learn more, visit our sections on electronic health records or MedAffinity EHR for Education.

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