MedAffinity provides innovative, intuitive, and powerful electronic health records software for both clinical environments and educational institutions.
MedAffinity software is designed to make the documentation process feel as natural as possible, with an interface that looks, acts, and feels like a real document. But in the background, MedAffinity harnesses the full capability of data-driven computing to deliver powerful data capture and speed the documentation process. And because of its flexible interface, MedAffinity easily adapts to new documentation requirements without delays, costly upgrades, or additional custom configuration associated with common alternatives.


The MedAffinity EHR interface is designed to look, act, and feel like a real document. But behind the scenes, data is captured with every click.
The note-generation portion of our software consists of two main components: a full note document on the left, and a tap-to-select checklist-style menu on the right.
Using the tap-to-select menu, providers quickly enter information into a patient note. Changes made to the note using the tap-to-select menu on the right appear instantly in the note document on the left, which means that providers can review notes as they are created and catch any mistakes right away.
Because of the speed and thoroughness of our notetaking process, providers are able to capture the patient's personal narrative whilemeeting the stringent documentation demands of insurers and government agencies.


The MedAffinity EHR Chart Summary gives you quick access to patient history by automatically creating a patient summary from your documentation.
Instead of flipping through unorganized paper charts, save time with medical history organized at your fingertips.

View, edit, or even generate new notes from previous visit notes with one click.

All medical history documents are automatically extracted from patient notes and listed in the Chart Summary. This assures accuracy while saving valuable time in maintaining past medical history.



The MedAffinity Billing Monitor is designed to be a standalone application to facilitate transfer of patient encounter information from MedAffinity EHR to the front and back office or off-site billing service. It provides one-click transfer of charge information to top compatible billing systems. Furthermore, it provides the ability to view information from multiple locations for a centralized billing environment. As you prepare a medical note, our powerful database is automatically creating documentation for billing. At the end, our coding wizard suggests the level of billing justified by the documentation. You can bill more accurately and have greater confidence that your claims will not be denied because of documentation problems. If the billing staff has any questions or concerns, our task manager makes it easy to flag the question, and it will appear on your MedAffinity monitor for your attention. It’s another step to ensure you receive reimbursement without delay.