MedAffinity’s real EHR for Education surpasses all competitors in providing flexible, faculty-defined tools and scenarios for teaching Health Informatics. Informatics will continue to transform the work of doctors, nurses, and everyone else involved in the delivery of health care. No wonder it is also a rapidly growing component of healthcare education. Educational institutions are approaching the study of Health Informatics in different ways, but every institution is striving to ensure that every student graduates with a clear understanding of the role of data and evidence-based practice in transforming documentation, order entry, decision-support, and assessment of outcomes for individual patients and patient populations. EHRs and related systems are even enabling greater mobility for providers in remote locations or simply viewing charts and labs as they walk down a hall. An EHR that can evolve as your Informatics curriculum evolves is a practical necessity in teaching students how to truly integrate health information into a better, more efficient patient care. Many clinical environments are giving up on customization and being forced to adapt to the rigid EHR tools provided by larger, traditional, one-size-fits-all EHRs, and EHR-like software for academics similarly offers little flexibility. Our system accepts scenarios from any source and allows instructors to build templates for data and progress notes tailored to the experiences they are trying to provide students.

EHR for Healthcare Simulation

MedAffinity EHR for Education has time-saving tools that eliminate repetitive tasks for faculty in setting up for each class. It lets instructors use any scenarios they choose, customized for the way they want to teach. MedAffinity easily adapts to new curriculum needs without delays or extra-cost upgrades. The flexible template builder even allows instructors to change scenarios in real time as students are working on the patient. The barcode-enabled EMAR built into the Patient Char lets you use standard inexpensive barcode readers and the sim drugs you already have.

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EHR for Health Informatics

Health care today is not just about patient care but about patient data, measuring quality of care, and the application of evidence-based practices. People on the front lines of patient care are now responsible for collecting using large volumes of information, not just in traditional narrative forms but as data. MedAffinity’s EHR for Education gives you more tools for teaching Informatics and preparing students for career success in the fast-changing world of health care.

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EHR for LearningSpace

MedAffinity EHR for Education is the exclusive EHR software integrated with the LearningSpace, the comprehensive sim-center management system incorporating audiovisual recording of simulations for debrief as well as learner performance assessment, scheduling, reporting and asset management for Standardized Patient and healthcare simulation programs.

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