• A real EHR at the price of one of the make-believe EHRs

    MedAffinity is a Real EHR specially adapted for the educational
    environment. We became a federally certified EHR in 2012.
    In 2014 we began working to adapt our EHR for academic uses
    while retaining all the functionality required for a medical practice.

     Educational simulation environments have a different set of needs than live hospitals, which is why we have designed MedAffinity EHR for Education to solve problems specific to the simulation environment—without compromising the student experience of using a real-world EHR. We think your faculty and administrators, not your educational EHR, should decide what and how your students learn. We think an educational EHR should allow students to focus on learning to care for people, not software. And we think your simulation staff should not have to spend time performing repetitive item-by-item deletion after each simulation session.

What are your goals for the EHR in your academic program?

MedAffinity is a Real EHR specially adapted for the educational environment. We became a federally certified EHR in 2012. In 2014 we began working with Tallahassee Community College to adapt our EHR for academic uses while retaining all the functionality required for a medical practice.

MedAffinity’s flexible template builder lets you use the simulation scenarios you already have, even those that are “home grown.” You can even change scenarios in real time during class. We’ll teach you to use your straightforward tools for importing your scenarios into the MedAffinity system and customizing the progress notes and other elements as your instructors prefer. 

Medical practice is changing in many ways, including the use of a new medical devices, new surgical techniques, new evidence-based practices. Your EHR needs to be able to adapt to the new methods and to the experiences your instructors bring to the classroom and the sim unit. With MedAffinity EHR, instructors can adapt wording and add or delete sections of progress notes, rearrange the chart summary to emphasize specific aspects of the patient chart, and do all of this themselves easily and efficiently without the need to pay for custom programming. 
 Our templates for documentation come with menus of choices. But if you want students to perform an examination or diagnosis or management without prompting from a menu, it is easy to eliminate the menus and provide for free-typing in each category or even to go back to a blank page if you wish.
 Yes. If it involves patient or family history, social history, counseling notes for case managers, creating alerts, narrative charting, , multidisciplinary pathways to documentation, checklists for surgery or other procedures, or orders – almost anything you can think of as practical training for your students, MedAffinity can create it or teach you to do it yourself. 
 Instructors also love our “Back to Start” feature, which lets them quickly reset simulations without manual item-by-item deletion. Just one click is all it takes.  Instructors can easily adapt our templates to new scenarios or states and new curriculum needs without delays or costly upgrades. Multiple orders and other groupings of data are fast and easy.
 Students and faculty both love our one-screen entry of data combining the narrative progress note with the Tap-to-Select menu. Instructors report that new students learn the MedAffinity system in about 15 minutes, so the “software training” is minimal. The one-screen charting and prebuilt staged templates let users enter large amounts of patient information at one time, such as multiple orders.
 A barcode-enabled EMAR is built into the Patient Chart. The EMAR can use the sim drugs you already have, including Demo-Dose, Practi-Meds, or your own home grown. Standard, inexpensive barcode readers work fine with our system.


If these are things you want in your EHR, you need MedAffinity EHR for Education.

MedAffinity EHR for Education is designed to make the documentation process feel as natural as possible, with an interface that looks, acts, and feels like a real document. With MedAffinity, students can focus on learning medicine instead of spending time navigating through a multi-screen, complicated system.

MedAffinity easily adapts to new curriculum needs without delays, costly upgrades, or additional custom configuration associated with other common alternatives, and it saves time with tools that enable administrators to quickly reset simulations without manual item-by-ite


The MedAffinity EHR interface is designed to look, act, and feel like a real document. But behind the scenes, data is captured with every click.
Your documentation, our system. Configure MedAffinity to meet the needs of your faculty by placing their existing document-style materials right into our system. MedAffinity adapts to new curriculum content, ideas, and standards, which means our EHR does not dictate the way your faculty teach.


The MedAffinity Summary allows students to dive right into learning by making it easy to view the information they need to see. Students do not need to waste time searching for a piece of information—instead they simply glance over the patient’s summary boxes, or roll their mouse over documents in the chart to immediately view any particular item in its entirety.


MedAffinity features robust documentation retrieval and search functions, which allow faculty to quickly review documentation authored by students. But MedAffinity's administrative overview functionality does not end there—faculty may search for documents authored within a particular date range in a particular course, authored by a particular student, and containing particular criteria.

EHR for Healthcare Simulation

MedAffinity EHR for Education has time-saving tools that eliminate repetitive tasks for faculty in setting up for each class. It lets instructors use any scenarios they choose, customized for the way they want to teach. MedAffinity easily adapts to new curriculum needs without delays or extra-cost upgrades. The flexible template builder even allows instructors to change scenarios in real time as students are working on the patient. The barcode-enabled EMAR built into the Patient Char lets you use standard inexpensive barcode readers and the sim drugs you already have.

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EHR for Health Informatics

Health care today is not just about patient care but about patient data, measuring quality of care, and the application of evidence-based practices. People on the front lines of patient care are now responsible for collecting using large volumes of information, not just in traditional narrative forms but as data. MedAffinity’s EHR for Education gives you more tools for teaching Informatics and preparing students for career success in the fast-changing world of health care.

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EHR for LearningSpace

MedAffinity EHR for Education is the exclusive EHR software integrated with the LearningSpace, the comprehensive sim-center management system incorporating audiovisual recording of simulations for debrief as well as learner performance assessment, scheduling, reporting and asset management for Standardized Patient and healthcare simulation programs.

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